Awaken The Light Within

Feng Shui For Your Life

with Mary Mieth



                          Feng Shui can help you to create environments

                          that support your life as we attune ourselves

                          with the natural flow of energy around us.


                           Gain time and energy for what you love                                     

                           Achieve your goals

                           Attract abundance

                           Improve relationships

                           Enhance your career

                           Reduce stress

                           Remove blockages in your life


                           Feng Shui can be used for homes, workplaces of all kinds, yards,

                           classrooms, for facilitating real estate sales and more. Feng Shui

                           can be used in all spaces, large or small and with every aspect

                           of your life.



        Create the life of your dreams with Feng Shui

as you create environments to support you in all you do.

          May you illuminate all parts of your life.

    We are all connected,

             not only with each other,

                    but with everything around us.

    Feng Shui honors this connection, giving us many guidelines

            for designing and organizing our spaces so that we can

            optimize the flow of energy in our environments and in

            our lives.

    Our inner and outer worlds are reflections of one another.

            So, when we change our environments, we change.

            The reverse is also true, for when we change, it is time

            to change our spaces.

    Feng Shui helps us to not only embrace this change,

            but to also direct it.

            There is great power when we add the power of intention

            to create conscious change in our environments.

Testimonial for Mary’s Work

“I just wanted to write you an email message to thank you so very much!                                              

  So much has happened since you came into my home and suggested    

  those changes. Your Feng Shui consultation has changed my life, the

  energy, my career and my outlook on life. You are truly wonderful! I'm

  grateful for sharing your Feng Shui and your spiritual knowledge with

  me... and how it all works.”


 Feng Shui helps us to create spaces that support out lives. When we live and work in supportive spaces, they help us create happier and more successful lives.
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