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Integrating Ancient Wisdom Into Contemporary Lives

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Space Clearing

I offer a space clearing ceremony to clear away old

energy which may be creating challenges in your life.

Clutter and Organization

Clutter resolution and organization work hand in hand with Feng Shui.

I have found in my practice that most big clutter problems are directly

related to Feng Shui issues. I help people find new solutions to their

clutter problems.


Organization addresses the issue of finding of appropriate methods

and locations for storage for easy use and retrieval of the things that

you use in your life. It is a first cousin to clutter resolution. I help

people find new solutions to their clutter problems.

Space Clearing InformationFeng_Shui_Tips_and_Information_files/space%20clearing1%20060209.pdf
Clutter and
Clutter TipsFeng_Shui_Tips_and_Information_files/tips%20clutter%20%20060209.pdf
Organization tipsFeng_Shui_Tips_and_Information_files/tips%20organization%20060209.pdf

Some Feng Shui Basics

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The Bagua Map

The Bagua Map is a chart and a concept which show us the

relationship between the various parts of our spaces and

aspects of our lives. It is an enormously helpful tool to

understand and use.

The Five Element System

The Five Element System is one of the fundamentals of

Chinese philosophy and is the basis of much of Feng Shui.

Although its use can be quite sophisticated, there are simple

ways of using these principles to improve the quality of our

everyday lives.

Bagua Map and
Simple ExplanationFeng_Shui_Tips_and_Information_files/bagua%20map%20description%20062309.pdf
5 Element Chart and
Simple ExplanationFeng_Shui_Tips_and_Information_files/5%20element%20description%20062309.pdf
 Feng Shui Tips
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Although Feng Shui is an integrated system that views all aspects of your life as part of a whole, there are simple things that you can do to begin to change the energy in your spaces and your life. Consider these as ways of bringing the “Fun Shui” of Feng Shui into your life.

Tips for various rooms 
or parts of your spaces

Tips on miscellaneous 

Tips for focussing 
your intentions and 
using affirmation 
with Feng Shui

Bedroom TipsFeng_Shui_Tips_and_Information_files/tips%20Bedroom%20060209_1.pdf
Kitchen TipsFeng_Shui_Tips_and_Information_files/tips%20kitchens%20060209.pdf
Entry TipsFeng_Shui_Tips_and_Information_files/tips%20entries%20060209.pdf
Garden TipsFeng_Shui_Tips_and_Information_files/tips%20garden%20060209.pdf
Prosperity TipsFeng_Shui_Tips_and_Information_files/tips%20prosperity%20060209.pdf
Balance TipsFeng_Shui_Tips_and_Information_files/tips%20balance%20060209.pdf
Color TipsFeng_Shui_Tips_and_Information_files/tips%20color%20060209.pdf
Affirmation TipsFeng_Shui_Tips_and_Information_files/tips%20affirmations%20060209.pdf
Space Clearing TipsFeng_Shui_Tips_and_Information_files/tips%20space%20clearing%20060209.pdf
Setting IntentionsFeng_Shui_Tips_and_Information_files/tips%20intentions%20060209.pdf
Earth Day 2009 LetterFeng_Shui_Tips_and_Information_files/earthday%202009%20message.pdf
Tips for Attracting and Enhancing RelationshipsFeng_Shui_Tips_and_Information_files/tips%20relationships%20060209.pdf
Easy Backyard

I have included short articles which further discuss Feng Shui and related topics. They also  give more details about how I can help you. These are presented in pdf form. Simply click the button to download the article.

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