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Feng Shui Consultations

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            Real Estate: Buying and Selling

    Onsite in Other Locations

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    Offsite Floor Plan Analysis

            In person

            Phone consultation

    Note:  A Floor Plan analysis is independent of your location.

For Your Consultation

Please Supply


A floor plan of the space

   Informal sketch is o.k.

Your expectations

  “Why have you contacted me?”

A list of your questions

  or special needs.      

A list of people living in

  or using the space.

Off-site or Floor Plan

Floor plan

   A drawing or sketch is fine.

   Email or fax

As much information as possible.        

Photos of the various rooms

Photos or lists of key furniture

   Information about the

   surrounding environment

Feng Shui Consultations

I practice Feng Shui in a Western Eclectic Style, which honors the traditional Chinese basic principles and each person’s unique cultural and spiritual beliefs.

I begin a consultation by finding out what are your goals and issues and then determining how I can best serve you, for there are many aspects to Feng Shui. I then make suggestions and work with you in a collaborative way to insure that we find Feng Shui “cures” and “enhancements” that resonate with you. I have much supplemental information to offer.

Feng Shui Classes

Classes available on a wide variety of topics and can be tailored for your specific needs.

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Related Topics

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Space Clearing

        To transform old energy

Clutter and Organization Help

       Help getting rid of the old

        Make room for the new.


       Map Dowsing for identifying harmful energies

       Helping you to neutralize these energies

       Dowsing to help with decision making

       Dowsing classes available

       Color balancing to lift the energy of a space.

Clutter and

More Information

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